Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Galactic nursery!

Ahh my little man is growing up so fast and will soon be in his own room, not that he ever sleeps! So I've been busy deciding on a theme for his chamber. Whilst I was pregnant I was adamant he was having a woodland theme, all owls and little critters, cute ay? But, as always, I'm bored of that now. In fact I think most baby themes are a bit boring, is it just me? All pale, pastel colours and cute little animals, pfft.... Everyone ends up with the same thing, or similar. Well, not my little champ. I was thinking different, original, bright and vibrant, but most importantly, awesome! There's only one answer to that.... Monster's, alien's and all things galactic!
What little boy doesn't want to be an astronaut? Exploring the universe and uncovering life on mars. Hehe, I can really let my imagination wild. Obviously i'll have to keep it sweet, I don't want to give my tiny spaceman nightmares.
So to get me started, I have my pinterest
board full of inspiration, and I've been jotting down ideas in the form of doodles. Stay tuned to watch my progress, no doubt there will be plenty of tutorials and patterns to come!