Friday, 19 April 2013

And so it began....

My first ever post on my first blog! Ooh exciting! So here goes.

I'm a little obsessed with photo props at the minute. Because they're teeny they take no time at all to knock up, which is good for me. I'm so impatient and usually abandon large projects half way through because i get bored.

I had my beautiful baby boy on 7/2/2013 and at 2 weeks old was given a freebie photo shoot by the very talented Gemma at Lu_Mi_Li Photography. She had some gorgeous little photo props and it got me thinking, I could make those. so I got out my crochet hooks and scoured the tinterweb for some measurements and inspiration and here's what I have so far.

Fluffy pink diaper cover.
I started with this little beauty. I searched for diaper measurements and found some super cute fluffy wool in my bag of tricks and off I went. I finished it off with some parcel yarn, which I know sounds strange but it worked great, and a funky little button.

Newborn legwarmers with ruffles.
These teeny legwarmers were so quick and easy to do. It took a couple attempts to get the measurements right though.
Newborn baby bonnet.
This is my favourite, Its so cute. I made this in a pixie style with a little point on the hood, with long tassel's in contrasting wool. 

I'm a complete newb at crochet and I hate being a beginner so I always throw myself in at the deep end, but I don't think I've done too badly lol ;-) 

I'm not sure whether to make more of these and maybe sell them or to write up the patterns and share them.... either way I need testers/models to check the sizing. so these 'trials' are up for grabs for any budding photographer!